Betsy, 22, was raised by a very rich (mega millionaire) businessman so she calls herself a trustafarian. A trustafarian is a young person who lives an urban life usually in a city who doesn't usually have a job because of unlimited funds inherited from their family. She’s a student at FIDM and she wants to design exclusively with recycled fabrics. She likes to make really bad puns based on the names of bands and singers. Betsy doesn’t need day job so she likes to hang out at the Coffee House.


Betsy wears a white and purple long sleeve crop top with a dark purple vest that is bedazzled with golden buttons in the front. Her navel is pierced with a white diamond piece of jewellery. Betsy wears light purple shorts with a brown belt and a Venus symbol belt buckle. She wears black leggings underneath her shorts and for her shoes, she wears gray high-heeled boots.


Betsy has two plants named Iggy Azeala and Azeala Banks.

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